Samsung Wave 723 GT S7230E User Manual PDF


Number 723 the Samsung Wave 723 from Series: GT-S7230E. By removing 0E and also letters S, 723 remains exactly the same as it is called Smartphone. It’s not important to know the problem though but sometimes you might want to ask why, and you can find out the answer lies in the name of that series. If you ask us, why it was given the name by the waves as Samsung Wave S8500 Samsung Wave II GT or GT-S8530? Perhaps because this phone uses the same OS: Bada OS by Samsung. And to use the Wave 723 Bada version 1.1.

Design Wave 723 is equipped with a Touch Bar / Candy Bar form factor. The touch bar design means that the device is equipped with a touchscreen user interface only and use a virtual on-screen Qwerty keyboard as input text or write a message. The Screen Display which comes with a 3.2 inch diameter armored with TFT Capacitive Touchscreen and has 256K colors and 240 x 400 pixels resolution. Despite having Accelerometer Sensor for Auto Rotate, Wave 723 is not attached to the Proximity Sensor to turn off the display automatically every time it is used for Calling mode. Another feature is the touchscreen TouchWiz UI 3.0 and supports Multi-Touch.


In fact, we found at least three 3 available body colors casing for Samsung Wave 723 GT-S7230E (you can see all 3 of them in the picture above 2 and 2 shots Wave 723 Tab screen shot below “Specifications”), although in different areas , the color is only available for two or one single color. For a simple 3 color we named as Black-Grey Color / titan gray, Color Black, White and Color / creamy white (sometimes also known as La Fleur edition, as it has a removable plastic cover flip style case with skin texture for screen – see picture).

Samsung S7230E Wave 723 GT manual User Guide English French German PDF Download

If you want to upgrade your Bada OS or you want to Sync Wave 723 to your PC under Windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 so that you can transfer to or from your PC all the data such as Video, Music or Documents, the Step The first thing you should do is Installing Samsung Kies PC Sync. Download Samsung Kies here [77.3MB, application files. Exe]


Before you download the User Manual which we give below (English, French and German), we will give you a brief overview of the pictures we uploaded above. It is an image that will give you a help on how you can assemble the parts of the smartphone until you can turn it on for the first time: How to open the back cover casing, learn to insert and install the microSD and SIM card, as well as how to replace remove and assemble battery.