Samsung Wave 3 User Manual PDF GT S8600 (Guide & Specs)

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I am a little surprise that Samsung is releasing Bada OS-powered smartphone in the midst of his success on Android devices. Samsung is now the leader in the smartphone market, and even mobile phones. At least that’s what I heard today. Nokia dropped to second place, then Apple for the third.

And this is the latest Bada OS mobile phones by Samsung, which is the Samsung Wave 3. Yes, it is a continuation of the Samsung Wave, Bada Series, Samsung Wave 1 (GT-8500), Samsung Wave 2 (GT-S8530), the third generation, the Samsung Wave 3 (GT-S8600)


For the design, we will not say anything about it, does it look stylish, look good, look trendy and useful, we leave the rest to your own opinion. Just look at the picture above and make your own judgment. For the short term, narrowly Samsung touch bar form factor like the Wave 3 has the “same design” design standards alias.

This phone uses a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, and has a 4.0 inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 800. It’s a good sound.

Samsung Wave 3 GT S8600 User Manual PDF Download (User Guide)

This is a tutorial that can guide you on the proper ways on how you can open the back cover, remove and assemble the battery, insert the SIM card and insert the external memory storage. Please be careful.


Here is the download link of 3 Manuals Wave: