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Samsung Vitality SCH R720

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You may be facing a bit difficult to find this Vitality Specifications or reviews about it by using its name as a keyword search. This is because the phone is not really a “famous” name for Smartphone Samsung. Although it still has a “common name”: The Samsung SCH R720 (series code name). Before we share the User Guide / User Manual of Samsung Vitality SCH R720 for Cricket (Yup, U.S. Phone Vitality deliberately designed only for Cricket Carrier / Provider), let the story explain more about this gadget, especially the specifications and features. For other carriers, this phone has a different name. This is known as the Samsung Admire for MetroPCS and Verizon Wireless to Carrier.


As you can see from the figure above Samsung Vitality, this gadget comes using Touch Bar / Candy bar form factor design with a diameter of 3.5 inches TFT Capacitive Touchscreen display diagonal (has 256 thousand colors). Four rounded corners, for a special button below the touchscreen and other features in the style of the body seems like Smartphone “public” on this day. To display this phone has a resolution of HVGA 320 x 480 pixels. Overall, the Samsung Vitality seems to be a midrange Android Gingerbread-powered smartphones in terms of specs and features. We continue to discuss this in Section Tab “Specifications”.
Samsung SCH R720 Vitality Cricket User Manual Free PDF Download

Since this vitality Carrier Cricket Samsung bundled with, it seems there is no option that you can use your phone to someone else operator SIM card. Indeed, the Samsung R720 User Guide, there is no tutorial on how you can insert a SIM card, although how you can install a microSD memory card, how you can open the case and replace the back cover back into place, assemble the battery, changing the guidelines are all available. You can view a short tutorial and learn them by reading from the image below.

User Guide Samsung SCH R720 Vitality available for two languages: Spanish and English. Select any of them to your own needs. Enjoy!