Samsung Strive SGH A687 User Manual PDF AT&T and Specifications


There are hundreds or maybe thousands User Manual of Smartphone / Tablet or Mobile Phone is available on the internet that we are currently not able to share and discuss in this blog. Although we can actually share most of them if we only need to provide a download link of a PDF guide, but we made this blog is not to excuse the poor. If you want to do something like that just go to google and you will find a lot of those kind of “resources” as much as you want. We are here to bring you a better way to serve the Manual PDF Smartphone, Tablet Phone, Mobile or the future of the whole Manual Gadget / Electronic available in the net with a deep elaboration and presented in a better and quality pages.

Forget about us mumbling above. Allow up to business. Samsung Strive in the United States in collaboration with AT & T Carrier. This Samsung SGH A687 Series by using the slide out form factor design with a physical Qwerty keyboard. Along with a 4 row QWERTY keyboard, the Strive also has a 2.6 inch Touchscreen Display Size (Diagonal Diameter) and uses TFT resistive touchscreen with 256K colors. It also comes with a screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.



Samsung SGH A687 Strive Free AT & T User Manual PDF Download

And here is the manual guidelines that will allow you to open the back cover of the phone correctly and then insert the SIM card or memory card installed. Thus, you can assemble / remove the battery and replace the back cover case anymore. Go to the Getting Started chapter on page 9 of the PDF Manual of Samsung SGH A687 Strive to detail how you can do this well, including charging the battery and power the phone on or off.


Only two manuals that we could find and share with you. If you are not familiar with English or Spanish, we encourage you to open your dictionary and start translating it by yourself, or you can search on googling to find other available languages (French, Italian, German for example)