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Would like to go for mountain climbing alias? Walk like a vagabond? Working with water or mud as a military arm to do? And you need a phone in the way you work with such activities? Maybe it’s the Samsung Rugby II is suitable for your needs. Why do we recommend this phone to you? This is because A847m Samsung Mobile Phone is fully designed for those heavy duty activities and have Military Standard 810 G. You do not have to worry about dust sprayed into your phone and body, shock and vibration with very tolerate, no problems with humidity, solar radiation even from the pressure altitude and weather extremities. You can even carry this phone “in the water” or in use in the snow or sleet.


Samsung Rugby II SGH 2 A847m equipped with flip clam form factor cell design (as you can see from the picture above). Of course as a Phone that has been built for extreme conditions, the body of the phone look rough and tough (Rugged Exterior term used in the Rugby II Official page at If you flip out, you will see the alpha-numeric keypad is large enough. Calling in mode, Rugby II is equipped with two microphone for better sound and noise cancellation technology installed as a means to close or clean any unwanted ambient noise. Your partner will get better sound and stopped hard even in the rain or harsh crowd.



Samsung Rugby II SGH 2 A847m manual User Guide Bell Telus Rogers AT & T PDF Download French English


We give you 4 manual in English and French of the Samsung Rugby II, although one of the User Manual (for Roger in the French language) appears to be corrupted and can not be read (we hope Samsung will fix this thing about it is removed as soon as possible). It is available for Roger and Bell version although Bell seems to be the version used for the Carrier Telus as well. Update: We have added to U.S. District Rugby II SGH a847 for AT & T carriers in both English and Spanish.

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Before you download let us explain what the picture we provide above. It is a series of step by step tutorial on how you can open the back cover casing Rugby II 2, then remove the battery, SIM card Insert, Inserting a memory card, assemble the battery again, and then replace the back cover. You can also learn how to charge the phone. See page 9 of Part 1: Starting to read a full description how to do that.