Samsung Repp SCH R680 User Manual PDF US Cellular & Generic CDMA Global Quick Start Guide

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Samsung SCH R680, better know as Samsung R680 Repp or just Samsung Repp is a 3.2 inches diplay touchscreen phone which runs under Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System in the U.S. and is known bundled along with U.S. Cellular Carrier. In fact, the version for Generic CDMA Global Phone is also available. In this post, I will give you the Generic User Guide for both CDMA and Samsung Repp for U.S. Cellular. Especially for mobile phones U.S. Cellular Repp, I find also a version Quick Start Guide, one of which we could not match Generic CDMA version.

At the first time, I think there is no difference between Repp for U.S. Cellular and Repp for Generic CDMA. But a comparison between two of the official page for the Generic CDMA Reep and USCellular, we found that there are some differences between the two.


The Samsung Repp for Generic CDMA installed 4GB of internal memory, on the other hand the Samsung Repp SCH R680 for U.S. Cellular embedded “only” 2GB of built-in internal memory but also included 2GB external microSD card slot (one of which is not included in the Generic CDMA) .

Samsung Repp manual SCH R680 User Guide U.S. Cellular & Generic CDMA Global PDF Download

Figure drawing tutorials which we share below can be found either in the User Manual and Quick Start Guide. One that we provide to you below we get from the User’s Guide. It comprises a tutorial on how you can assemble part of the Samsung Repp before you can finally use it. From learning how to open the casing, how to assemble the battery, insert sim card, insert a microSD card, or power on (and also how to remove or replace the back cover). Getting Started section on page 8 to page 12 will help you more.

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And here are some download links available. Some of them (User Guide download links) have the same content but hosted on a different server, that why not download all of them, just choose one of the User Guide for download. Enjoy!