Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Sprint User Manual

Samsung Replenish - 2

Save our planet for the future of mankind. This is one popular slogan for propaganda how we can live with each other without the earth in a way will jeopardize the future of our humanity. It is sometimes also went to a well-known terms like “green behavior”. Why are we talking about in the Code Green and Earth User Guide (Smartphone and Gadget) PDF Download and Reviews. This is because we want to discuss the Smartphone is an example that uses the Smartphone “friendly” material. Yes Samsung Replenish (the one that we want to discuss) is designed with recycled plastic (bio-plastic) and a package with a packaging environment.

You may notice that this recycled material has also been used for a smartphone from Sony Ericsson which was named the Phone “GreenHeart”. Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and Sony Ericsson Cedar are two examples Phones “GreenHeart” by SE.


Forget about “GreenHeart”, let’s go back to the Samsung Replenish. In the United State (U.S.), Samsung Replenish comes with Carrier Sprint and also familiar with the name of the series was dubbed as the Samsung SPH M580.

Coming Quarter View Graphics Array at 2.8 inched Touchscreen with Qwerty Keyboard Combination Physical side (top and bottom: see picture) allows you to use for both touchscreen and physical keyboard at the same time without the need to flip it us or slide it out. You can also find the same design form factor as the Samsung Replenish, mono block / candy bar form factor, Smartphone Vendor in others, such as the Motorola Droid Pro which also uses the same form factor design with a combination of a physical Qwerty keyboard.

Samsung Replenish Screen Display 256K QVGA TFT which uses color to use as material Touchscreen Touchscreen Display and has a 240 x 320 pixel resolution display screen is 2.8 inches diagonal diameter (as we already mentioned above). It also has a built-in motion sensor accelerometer that can change automatically between Angle or Landscape or Portrait orientation as when you view the image content, web page or video (also known as Auto Rotate UI). It is also attached with Proximity Sensor for Auto Turn Off Ability (Calling Mode).

Sprint Samsung Replenish SPH M580 Manual User Guide PDF Download English Spanish

You can download the User Guide / User Manual of Samsung Replenish to right click the link below and then save the link or copy and paste the link and then download to the Download Manager. It is available for two langauge: English and Spanish / Espanol. Choose one that suits your language.

But before you do, let me explain our images embedded in this post (below):

Samsung Replenish - 1

The picture above is a picture tutorial series you can learn how to assemble the Samsung Replenish before you will be lit for the first time. This obviously can be found under the section “Setting Up Your Device” on page 16 to page 17 and page 111. How can you open the back cover wasy “right”, how to close again (casing), how assembly of the battery, charging properly and also how to insert a microSD card. (There is a tutorial Install SIM card!).