Samsung Omnia II 2 GT I8000 User Manual PDF

Samsung OmniaII 2 GT I8000-1

We’ve shared and wrote about the Samsung Omnia before, along with a resume and User Manual Download PDF link. Now, the successor of the Samsung Omnia, the Samsung Omnia II GT-I8000, is the next product we want to talk about in these pages, both Tech Specs and Features as well as its User Manual. But, before we start discussing it, you may be wondering what the difference between the Omnia (GT-I900) and the Omnia II 2 (second generation Omnia has a series name GT-I8000). Let’s talk features that distinguish between the two.

Apparently, we can guess that the Omnia II has a specification advance compared to the Omnia. There are many differences that we finally found out though. Here, we just want to discuss some of the features and specifications of the differences which we think is very important to know. The main features are: Design, CPU and RAM, microSD card slot and LED Flash. Let us discuss it, one by one.


Design: 2 GT I8000 Omnia II comes with AMOLED resistive touchscreen of 3.7 inches Diagonal Diameter with 16 million colors and has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels for a resolution, but for I900 Omnia GT has a thinner size in diameter (with only 3 , 2 inches) and so is the color and resolution are only using 256K colors and 240 x 400 pixels. In fact, for the material touchscreen, Omnia I just use TFT resistive Touchscreen. Both Omnia II and I, equipped with Candy Bar / Touch Bar form factor body design as you can figure out from the picture above. [Advanced Tab Specs]

Samsung Omnia II GT I8000 extended 2 User Manual User Manual PDF Download

Here is a picture that will give you step by step how you can open the back cover casing, learn to assemble or remove the battery, how you can insert a SIM card or microSD card installed and close / replace the back cover casing to close the battery compartment. You can read the full explanation and detailed tutorial about this on page 15 to page 17 in the section “Assemble and Prepare Your Device” in the User Manual PDF of Samsung Omnia II 2.

Samsung OmniaII 2 GT I8000-2

Four Manuals that you can download is available from the link we provide to you below: User Manual English, extended User Manual in English, Spanish and User Manual User Manual of the Omnia II in Germany. Just Download and Read it!

Note: If you want to sync to a PC or the Omnia II Computer (Win XP), you need to install Microsoft ActiveSync / PC Sync first [Just click the link to download tea, approximately 7.5MB]