Samsung Galaxy S® III Prepaid (Verizon) Pebble Blue User Manual PDF

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Overview :

If sharing is your thing, then the Samsung Galaxy S III is your phone. With S Beam™, you’ll be able to share massive HD files in seconds — simply bit compatible devices succeeding. S Beam takes full advantage of NFC (Near-Field Communication) and Wi-Fi Direct™ technology, making it fast and easy for you to share photos, videos, documents, calendars, contacts and a lot of. And you don’t even want Wi-Fi or a cellular signal.


The Galaxy S III goes on the far side swiping and pinching. Special motion gestures let you do things simply and a lot of intuitively than ever before. for instance, to capture a screen shot, simply swipe your hand across the screen. to urge to the top of a listing, simply tap the top of your phone. Or if you’re texting somebody and wish to call them, simply place the phone to your ear. It doesn’t get any smarter than that.

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The Galaxy S III offers you powerful hardware and software system. first of all, there’s a 1.5 gigahertz dual-core processor to form sure everything works quickly and smoothly. Second of all, there’s the Android™ four.1, candy platform. It’s great for everything you need.

The Samsung Galaxy S® III is currently easier, quicker and even a lot of lovely than before. experience the innovative options of Android™ four.3, Jelly Bean, with new ways that to share stories and discover music; camera enhancements for a lot of artistic photos; TecTile™ technology that adds a new level of functionality; and far a lot of. The Galaxy S III postpaid is available on postpaid plans; giving you peace of mind while not a contract.


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