Samsung Galaxy Note® 10.1 (Wi-Fi), Grey 32GB User Manual

Samsung Galaxy Note® 10.1 (Wi-Fi), Grey 32GB

Push the boundaries on what you view-and currently what you’ll be able to create-on the new Samsung Galaxy Note™ ten.1. With the innovative S Pen™ you’ll be able to specific artistic ideas and increase your productivity like ne’er before. Edit photos, produce elaborate illustrations or send written notes to family and friends. With the Multiscreen operate, watch videos or browse articles on one screen whereas taking notes on the other-all on your Galaxy™ ten.1 supercharged by Android™ four.1, Jelly Bean.

Use the Revolutionary S Pen™ to explore a world of artistic potentialities. Edit photos as ne’er before exploitation Adobe® Photoshop® bit. style lovely illustrations with variable brush weights and sizes. produce written notes, memos and postcards. Highlight, draw fine details, thick daring lines or free-flowing strokes with remarkably correct pressure sensitivity.


Easily produce and share notes and lists, or write directly on e-books.Boost your productivity reception, faculty or the workplace by observation videos or reading articles at the same time with Multiscreen and S Note ™. Plus, you’ll be able to write directly and highlight text on quite a hundred and fifty,000 e-textbooks

Quick Specs:

Front Camera resolutions : 1,9 MP

Rear Camera resolutions : 5.0 MP

Display : 1280 x 800

Display size : 10.1 ”

OS : Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Internal Memory : 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB on board memory

User manual links download availaable in 2 languange, below :

User Manual (Generic GT-N8013 (Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi) ICS English User Manual) (ver.LGB_F3) – Jun 20, 2013 – English ( North America ) – 16,59 mb

User Manual (Generic GT-N8013 (Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi) ICS Spanish User Manual) (ver.LGB_F3) – Manual) (ver.LGB_F3) – Feb 11, 2013 – Spanish ( North America ) – 16,05 mb

User Manual (Generic GT-N8013 (Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi) JB English User Manual) (ver.MA3_F5) – Jun 19, 2013 – English ( North America ) – 12,78 mb

User Manual (Generic GT-N8013 (Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi) JB Spanish User Manual) (ver.MA3_F5) – Jun 21, 2013 – Spanish ( North America) – 7,51