Samsung Galaxy Note® 10.1 (U.S. Cellular 4G LTE) User Manual

Samsung Galaxy Note® 10.1 (U.S. Cellular 4G LTE)

The Samsung Galaxy Note® ten.1 is that the excellent companion from the room to the lounge. straightforward multitasking permits you to seamlessly shine at the business of life. jot meeting notes, edit a PowerPoint presentation, or modify an image in Adobe® Photoshop® bit on the go. And, due to SAFE™ technology, you recognize your necessary documents square measure secure and your IT manager is happy.

The Samsung Galaxy Note® ten.1 works the approach you are doing. Preview files while not gap them or teach S Pen™ the shortcuts you would like to save lots of time. And with Multi Window*, you’ll catch informed game highlights whereas you send associate email. It’s engineered for world.


Make additional out of your free time. Wind down by streaming music whereas you catch up together with your Facebook friends. realize one thing sensible to look at on TV and alter the channel right from your pill. Or transfer the new game everyone’s taking part in. there is ne’er a uninteresting moment with the Galaxy Note ten.1.

Samsung features a vary of accessories to boost your Note ten.1 expertise. The magnetic book cowl protects the screen and conjointly flips back to become a show stand, creating it ideal for looking at videos. The universal dock recharges, syncs and allows you to use it for viewing. The universal keyboard dock charges and adds a full typewriter keyboard with audio-out ports. AllShare® solid Wireless Hub shares content wirelessly to associate television. And any corrections may be quickly created exploitation the S Pen accent with implement head.

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