Samsung Admire SCH R720 User Manual PDF for MetroPCS & Unlocked CDMA Generic Version

Samsung Admire SCH R720

As we mentioned before when we discussing Samsung Vitality that we will write “things” (User Guide / User Manual and Specifications / Features) of Samsung Admire, now we are ready to follow our promises. In this article we will focus on two versions of the Samsung Admire. One is dedicated to the Carrier MetroPCS (image Samsung Admire SCH R720 for MetroPCS can be seen in the picture below), and both the Samsung Admire can be entered for all Provider CDMA, Samsung SCH R720 Admire Unlocked CDMA Generic.

Because Samsung Admire is an alias for the Samsung Vitality (for Carrier Cricket), design, features and specifications will be exactly the same as the Samsung Vitality. While you may have read and understand the specifications and features of Vitality, we are still going back to inform you about the Samsung Admire Specs and Features in this post.


Design. Using the touch candy bar form factor with four buttons in front and stylish with four rounded corners. Here are some key features of Admire: Smartphone Powered by Android Gingerbread 2.3 version, EV-DO Rev.A (3G), 3.5-inch HVGA, and 3.2 MP camera. Elaboration specification details can be found in Section Tab “Specifications”.

We give you two User Guide / User Manual (UG / UM) from the Samsung SCH R720 Admire the “Tab Download PDF” but for the online Read on, we only provide to operators MetroPCS UG – English version. The big difference between the two for MetroPCS UG and Generic CDMA may occur in the section dealing with Tool Carrier / Features. MetroPCS UG did not have, but for CDMA Generic UG does.

There is also one thing that seems to be a “critical missing piece” in the UG for Generic CDMA (unlocked, you will be referred to as UG-CG). In the UG-CG, because it seems to unlocked version that can be inserted / used by all Carrier (provided that CDMA), UM should provide a way to insert the SIM card tutorial. But after looking UG-CG content, unfortunately we could not find to insert SIM guidance.

We have already mentioned that it should be available for tutorials on how to insert the SIM card on the Samsung Admire User Guide (especially for CDMA Generic versions), but there is a kind of non-person tutorial. Tutorials start (basic guide) are available that appear in the image which we share below: Open the back cover of the battery casing, remove the batteries and assemble, insert a microSD memory storage and learning for charging the phone. That’s it. See part 1 Preparation through page 10 to page 12 for further understanding.

We provide four User Manual of Samsung Admire. Divided by Carrier and Language: English for MetroPCS and Spanish versions and CDMA Genering UG for English and Spanish versions as well. Just download and enjoy.