Nokia X7 / X7-00 User Manual PDF (English, Spanish, French)

Nokia X7-00

We only know that Nokia has released the latest version of the Nokia X Series, Nokia X7. Want to compare the Nokia X7 (also known as the Nokia X7-00) with previous Nokia X Series, Nokia X6 (Series X which has the same form factor as X7)? Do not worry, we will provide rapid technological comparative specs in this post, though you can make a comparative and find things all by yourself the difference between the two.

Let’s start the comparison. First of all if you have a Nokia X7 in the left hand and your right hand grab Nokia X6, you’ll see a big difference between the two: The Body Size, Display Screen Size and weight. Nokia X7 using 4 inch Diameter Capacitive Touchscreen Display with AMOLED display at 360 x 640 pixel resolution with 16 million colors, but for the X6 just stick with the 3.2 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen Diameter (for color and resolution that has the same size). Because of the difference, size and weight dimensions X7 and X6 also different: 119.7 x 62.8 x 11.9 mm and 146 grams for the X7 and 111 x 51 x 13.8 mm and 122 grams for the X6.


Another big difference is placed on the camera, CPU, OS version, Bluetooth, secondary camera, microSD card slot support and much more. Just read the specs Nokia X7 and the Nokia X6 to compare between each of them, if you want to be sure about this. Almost forgot, the Nokia X7 is available in two body colors, Color Black Steel (one of which we shared above) and Steel Color Silver (One available in Tab “Specifications”)

Nokia X7 Code User Guide PDF Download [English, Spanish, French, German]


Caption: This is a tutorial on how you can Insert the SIM card into place and also how you can Install an external microSD card slot microSD card in the phone’s body. Because the battery is attached to the term “un-removable” You do not need to assemble the battery (and of course there is no tutorial on how you can open the casing or assemble the battery). Page 10, page 11 and page 12 of the User Guide PDF Manual of Nokia X7 will help you detail how to do this.

Here is the Nokia X7 User Guide Manual in English version, Spanish, French and German. For other manuals in different languages you can get it from here (Italian, Arabic Russian, Greek, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Romania, Slovakia, Iceland, Hungary, and most European languages are available, especially Finland).