Nokia Oro User Manual PDF in English, French,German, and Italian (Gold)


It is reported that now, Nokia is no longer the leader in Smartphone Manufacturers. In fact, they go over to third after Apple and Samsung as the Smartphone Fabricator worldwide. And if you want to know the latest smartphone that will be another challenge by competitor Nokia, Nokia ORO is the newest and latest gadgets and one that will be ammunition. Yes, at this time, we want to talk about this Nokia Oro, especially, User Manual / User Guide and specifications.

What makes this phone special is polished in body color casing. He used gold paint with black color combination and also round the four sides of the corner. One that you can see in the picture above is black + gold. It’s a bit big though, but for the other colors, pure gold (to get a glimpse of the casing body color, you can go to the “specs” tab), is bright and shining. Officially, both the gold color is named as Nokia dark and light gold color alias Oro Nokia Oro Dark, Light and Nokia Oro. Why was crowned as “ORO”. If you are fluent in Spanish or Italian, you should know that Oro is the word for Gold. Yes, Oro means gold.


Nokia Oro user manual guide English French German Italian PDF Download


And before you download the manual from Nokia Oro on the link that we provide to you below, we want to show you someone who will guide you on perfecting your Oro. This is how you can learn to assemble one part of this gadget. As opening the case cover, find ways you can insert a SIM Card or microSD Card Installing, how to Remove and assemble the battery, Replace the cover again and again. Look on page 9 page 13 for more details (including how you can turn your phone Oro for the first time)

Just to remind you. Although Oro is a word of Spanish (also Italian), we still can not find the User Guide / User Manual Nokia Oro Spanish Language Version. We will update as soon as possible if we find Manual. Enjoy!