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We almost forgot that we already wrote about the Nokia N97, but in a mini version of his alias Nokia N97 mini. We though we’ve written the full version of the N97 is not only N97mini. Once we realize that we still have not written about the N97, we soon plan to discuss it. And here we come up with this post: Nokia N97 with Manual / User Guide User and its Detailed Specifications.

Nokia N97 comes with Side Slide form factor and is designed using a combination of physical Qwerty keyboard 3 rows and 3.5-inch Touchscreen Display. Compare with Nokia N97mini which only comes with a 3.2 inch diameter size Diagonal, Nokia 97 only won 0.3 inches in diameter Display. One thing you should know, in addition to the Display Screen Size Diameter, the difference between the N97 and N97mini, following happened Diameter Display Dimensions, weight and built-in internal storage memory (N97 with 117.2 x 55.3 x 15 , 9 mm, 88 cc, 150 g and 32GB, and N97mini with mm 113 x 52.5 x 14.2, 75 cc, 138 grams, and 8GB of memory).


Materials used by the Nokia N97 Touchscreen is resistive TFT touchscreen with 16 million colors and 360 x 640 pixels resolution. Accelerometer as a Sensor for Auto Rotate Orientation Landscape and Portrait, Proximity Sensor for Auto Turn off the Screen, Ambient Light Sensor and Control Brightness also some features that were implanted with touchscreen 3.5 “display. It also supports handwriting recognition. N97 also comes with Button Navigation and have Dedicated Camera Key and Volume.

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The picture below is a picture of a short tutorial that will help you to find out how you can assemble one part of the N97 for the first time. How can you open the case and replace the back cover back, how can you remove the dough and assemble back into place and also how you can enter and install the SIM and microSD card. Read pages 16 and 17 for detailed elaboration and explanation about this.

Actually there are some other people Nokia N97 User Manual available languages on the page User Guide Download from Nokia N97 (Official), you can find, Portuguese Arabic Greek, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Ducth, Finland, and others. Although in this page is only shared our User Guide in five languages: English (UK / Europe), Spanish, French, German and Italian.