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Nokia N97 mini Garnet open lowres

The Nokia N97 mini Picture below is an example for the design of the body and display phone. We use the Black Cherry color for the picture phone picture of the body casing. Actually there are 4 available body colors N97 mini, Color White, Garnett, Cherry Black, and Gold. Especially for a polished Color Gold Edition with 18 Carat Gold body, you can see a screenshot like design under the tab “Specifications” (we noted several examples of gold color in there, of course, price is also a “little” bit expensive in comparison to non- Nokia N97 Mini Gold Edition series).

The term “mini” on the Nokia N97 mini refers to the dimensions of the display screen size of the screen compared to the Nokia N97. Nokia N97 mini “only” using 3.2 inches at a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. This measure is a “mini” size compared to the Nokia 97 is equipped with a screen of 3.5 inches (at leas it’s 2 inches larger than the size of the N97 mini, measured in Diameter Diagonal). Although Resolution Pixel also has the same size with the version of “mini” at 360 x 640 pixels.


The design of the Nokia N97 mini is the same in every aspect of the Nokia N97. It used Side Slide Out form factor (usually just called a slider form factor) with three rows of Physical Qwerty Keyboard. You do not have to slide the QWERTY keyboard if you just want to make calls or type short text (type a contact name for example) because the N97 Mini also has a virtual keyboard screen (both numeric and qwerty) at its Touchscreen User Interface.

Nokia N97 mini User Guide English manual PDF Download


These images represent a series of instructional visual aids and tutorials how you can Install Batteries (assembly or Remove it from the body), by opening and closing the body, and also how to Insert the SIM Card and microSD Memory Cards. You can read the full elaboration tutorial (with text guidelines) on page 14 and page 15 of the User Guide Nokia N97 mini.

To Download Link Manual PDF, we can only be provided in the English version, although it should be available in other languages. Just download and start reading! Enjoy!

User Guide / Manual of Nokia N97 Mini Download, Language: English, Pages: 147, PDF Size: 3.07MB