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Nokia N900

Nokia N900 is one of the popular Qwerty Phone / SmartPhone from Nokia Side Slide Keyboard that use form factor. You can see on the picture below to ensure the body design and three 3 row QWERTY keyboard. One feature that “shoot us” is the Operating System running on the N900. Unlike other Series Smartphones by Nokia are commonly used Symbian, Nokia N900 Maemo 5 has been installed with the Operating System with Mobile Software Accelerates 3D graphics, enabling multi-tasking, and Direct Logic Touch UI (User Interface).

Screen Display Nokia N900 uses TFT resistive Touchscreen. It also means that there are two ways you can type messages in N900: Slide the three rows of Physical Qwerty Keyboard out and use on screen virtual Qwerty keyboard with Touch it. Display is large enough at 3.5 inches with a resolution diameter of about 800 x 480 Pixels. After this screen dimensions, you’ll get a pretty good to play and watch any videos or viewing images for a large screen applied in Telephone (although on this day, 4-inch Display is normal / common).


Using resistive touchscreen can be very nervous if you use it in bright light such as direct sunlight or fluorescent light, but you do not have to worry about this because the N900 is also equipped with Ambient Light Detector (Sensor), although it is would be better if used Capacitive TFT. The screen is also attached to Automatic Landscape Orientation Sensor Accelerometer protrait use in conjunction with Auto Shut down using the Proximity Sensor. It has almost 65 thousand colors.

Nokia N900 User Guide English manual PDF Download


This image is a small portion of the image that contain information on how you can assemble the body of the N900 and the part before you finally get to use it (as soon as you get it from the store phone). It consists of a tutorial on how you can assemble the battery, open the cover and close the casing, insert sim card, and help on how you can connect the microSD card into the phone body. Under the section “Set Up Your Device” on page 10 to 13 of N900 Manual, you can find further explanation and elaboration (with textual instructional messages) how to do all of that (including the battery charging tutorial).

To link Download PDF User Guide of Nokia N900 you can get under it. If not, you can also read the online version of the guide is on the N900 officially supports here. Enjoy!

User Manual / User Guide of Nokia N900 Download, Language: English, PDF Size: 4.99MB, Page Count: 137