Nokia E75 User Manual PDF


As long as we know, the Nokia Eseries are always coming up with a physical Qwerty Keyboard Input Output User Interface. For example, Nokia E72, Nokia E73 and Nokia E71 uses Monoblock / candy bar form factor with a full QWERTY keyboard (all of them, using a four-row QWERTY keyboard). But for the Nokia E75, although it also comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard, this phone has a different design in the body form factor. Using a side slide out form factor (simply referred to as a slider phone) and has a double keyboard. One of which is attached along with a phone that does not need to slide out (in a condition close), using physical alphanumeric keypad and a sliding one has come out to use the full four-row QWERTY keyboard. You can understand what we are talking about if you “click” Specifications Tab “that contains a screen shot of the phone in close and open fashion.

Compare that with the latest version of the smartphone that has used a combination between the UI and the touchscreen Qwerty slide out keyboard, the Nokia E75 may be a bit old. If someone asked me which ones suit the best to choose from, of course, we prefer to use the touchscreen with a Qwerty Qwerty rather than alphanumeric. This is because by using the touchscreen we get a larger screen than the Nokia E75 which used only 2.4 inches in diameter Display (for space has been replaced by an alphanumeric display that is why smaller then the phone using the touchscreen UI).


Nokia E75 uses 16M color TFT display and has a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. It is also equipped with Accelerometer for UI Auto Rotate Orientation.

Nokia E75 Manual User Guide PDF Download

Tutorial picture below, is a tutorial on how you can assembly with each part before the phone finally be able to use it properly. Of how you can remove and open the case, insert the SIM card and microSD memory card, battery assembly and close the casing again. For guidance with detailed instruction manual text you can find after you download a PDF file of Manual Nokia E75 which we give below the picture.

For other languages such as Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Romanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, and much more, you can get the UM / UG of E75 here