Nokia E72 User Manual PDF


Actually, Series Phone Nokia has at most (quantity) compared to other vendors Phones. In fact, it has been claimed that Nokia is a world leader in the mobile industry (tag line on, although it seems that this claim does not represent the mobile industry today, especially when it appears to challenge Android OS Phone Nokia with OS its Symbian. Although the quantity of product series released Mobile Phone, still number one, on the contrary, we, personally, just to share with you, some of Nokia Series on this blog. Now, we want to change that condition. We will regularly discuss and share the Manual and Specifications Nokia Phone Series, until all series are covered up. For this reason, let’s start with the Nokia E72 Series (One of the popular smartphones by Nokia).

Nokia E72 comes with Mono Block Form Factor body design is available in 5 colors: Amethyst Violet, Zodium Black, Brown Topaz, Zircon White and metallic gray. The Nokia E72 Picture above is Black Zodium one, and one that we shared under the tab “Specifications” Brown Topaz is one. The body is equipped with a physical QWERTY keyboard and also has a 2.36 inches TFT screen with 16K color display with Accelerometer Sensor for Auto Rotate and Dedicated Optical Trackpad for Navigation.


Nokia E72 manual User Guide Download

Note the picture: This is a tutorial that we get a partial picture of the User Manual of Nokia E72. This series of images will guide you how you can open the casing of the phone (Battery Cover), Removing the Battery, then Inserting or removing a second SIM Card or microSD memory cards. After that you can assemble the battery again and close the Cover Casing. It can be found under the “Get Started” on page 14 and Chapter 15 User Guide PDF of the Nokia E72.

We see that the Nokia E72 User Guide / User Manual for English version comes with a difference in the release area. Although this difference was not significant but we recommend to download according to the regional version of the UM. There are three versions of the English version of this Manual: Nokia E72 Manual for LTA (Latin America), Manual for the E72 NAM (North American Region) and Europe. Just choose one of them for you. We also give you some other versions telephone Manual Language: Spanish, Italian, and German.