Nokia E7-00 / E7 User Manual PDF English Spanish


After some research, we can find the Nokia E7 / E7-00 in the UK Region (, we only found this availability E7 in the U.S. ( It also means that the current March 3, 2011, the Nokia E7 is not available in the UK, but is available in the United States. We can find information on the timing of the release of the Nokia E7-00 in Europe, especially in England.

E7-00 comes with a Side Slider form factor with a full QWERTY keyboard. For the physical details of the form factor slider you can see in the picture above. The embedded Screen Display Diameter with 4-inch AMOLED Capacitive touch screen at 640 x 360 pixels resolution (16:9 nHD) and has 16 million colors. For Auto Rotate Orientation, also installed along side with sesor Accelerometer Magnetometer for compass, Proximity Sensor for Auto Turn Off and Ambient Light Detector and polished with a view to Gorrila Glass Scratch Resistant materials.


Just like the other series for SmartPhone Nokia, Nokia E7-00 runs Symbian ^ 3 operating system along with 680 MHz ARM 11 CPU Processor Speed, Broadcom BCM2727 GPU and embedded with 16GB of internal storage memory, 256 MB RAM and 1GB ROM. Grey (Dark Grey), White (Silver White), Green, Blue, and Orage are several colors available for the body casing Nokia E7.

Nokia E7-00 / E7 User Manual Guide English Spanish PDF Download

If you want to know how you can assemble SIM Card aka put it in the body of the Nokia E7, you can learn a tutorial on the image / images that we upload and share below. It also includes instructions on how you should be guidelines Charging Phone. For about a deep understanding of the text, including instructions about these guidelines, you can go to pages 13 -15 in the User Guide PDF files from E7 and read on their own.

Typically, Manual Phone available in two types, Full User Guide and Quick Start Guide. However, Nokia E7 / E7-00 (and almost all the manual created for Nokia Series) has only file User Guide, although it is available in two languages (U.S. Version, the other Region could have them in English): English and Spanish. You can download them at the links we share below.

Note: The Quick Start Guide is already available along with the box in paper edition (included).