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If other vendors / manufacturers of Mobile Phone or Smartphone trying to race with Tablet Touch or Touch Bar design with high end features, compared to this, Nokia is a bit old fashioned and late (It’s good news that Nokia has a deal with Microsoft to use Windows Phone as the their OS in the future, hoping it would make the world a better SmartPhone, especially for the Nokia brand). You can say this, if you look at the latest phone that has been launched (or ready to be launched) is also getting old-fashioned design, although the feature in the phone is quite good. You can confirm this by looking at the design of the Nokia C2-01 (the latest from Nokia Phone to be released: coming soon), regardless of the availability of others SmartPhone Series comes from Nokia like the Nokia E7 or Nokia N8. Still not enough compared to other vendors.

Yup, the Nokia C2-01 is currently designed using a candy bar form factor with a traditional alphanumeric keyboard and a small display screen 2 inch Diameter Diagonal with resolution of 240 x 320 Pixels. Apparently the phone was created for mid-market Series Mobile. This can be judged by the features and the hardware installed and mounted on the phone.


The picture that we shared with you above, is the design view of the body warm silver color casing of the Nokia C2-01. Actually, the color body / chassis for C2-01 is available in two types: The Warm Silver and Black Color. Body image colors to black casing of this phone, you can see it in the Tab “Specifications” below. Just wanted to remind you about this phone, with only 1 to 9.8 x 46.9 x 15.3 mm Dimensions Dimensions and had 65 cc volume, C2-01 is suitable to carry in a pocket or pants skirts.

Nokia C2-01 manuals English Spanish French User Guide PDF Download

Image showing a tutorial on how you can enter into the phone with a SIM card or Memory Card (including how to remove it), as well as instructional guides how you can assemble the battery with the phone body. Available on page 8 and 9 under Getting Started chapter of Free Nokia C2-01 User.

We provide three User Manual / User Guide Nokia C2-01 in the English version: User’s Guide in English, Spanish and French. It is all of them that you can get it for free. Enjoy!

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