Nokia C1-01 User Manual PDF Spanish English

Nokia C1-01

If you want a phone that will give you easy to handle in the way of your on-the-go, despite the advanced functions such as the camera, and just want to use the common features and functions of its basics, we would, if it were a cell phone store owner or the seller, you will present this Nokia C1-01 phone. Body size is quite slim and pocketly (easy to slip in a pocket), 108 x 45 x 14 mm with 58 cc volume, will ensure that you get a “handy phone”.

Nokia C1-01, as you can see in the picture above that we share using a candy bar form factor and is designed in a combination of traditional physical alphanumeric keypad and 1.8 inch diameter (diagonal) screen (64K colors and has 128 x 160 pixel resolution).


As we’ve said above, this phone is not design to get the best performance, but rather on the basis of feature phone only as a communication device: SMS, calls, etc. That’s why it only supports 2G GSM network in Mhz 900/1800 or GSM 850/1900 MHz (depending on the carrier and region). It does not support 3G network and does not even support EDGE technology (GPRS rel-4 class used B). [Continued in "Specifications Tab”]

Nokia C1-01 Manual User Guide PDF Download Spanish English

If you want to know how to assemble Phone (Nokia C1-01) body with battery and also how to insert the SIM card and microSD card, you can use the guidelines in the tutorial below to do that. But if you want to know more about it, you need to download the PDF Manual Phone (already shared in the link below the picture). Enjoy!

The User Guide / User Manual Nokia C1-01 is fairly simple, and slim because there are not many features that must be addressed in the phone. That is why the small size and good pages. In the U.S., there are only two languages are available for UG C1-01, English and Spanish, although it is also available in multi-languages such as Chinese or Korean.