Nokia 700 User Manual PDF


While this Nokia 700 is “out” for the mobile market a few years ago (August 2011), it is still feasible to talk about this phone. Especially the fact that our aim is not only to discuss the latest smartphone that was recently launched but we work to serve you and share the User Manual or User Guide of the “most smartphones and phones” available on earth.
Nokia 700 is a touchscreen bar phone with Symbian OS. When using Symbian Belle OS where upgraded to Belle FP1. Hardware mainly installed with 1GHz ARM11 CPU and using 2D/3D Graphics HW with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 for the GPU. Internal memory has 2GB of storage. This expandable / swappable microSD card up to 32GB external memory storage. 512MB ROM and RAM use has 1GB.

Nokia 700 manual Multi-language User Guide PDF Download


We give you five User Manual in different languages on the link below. But before you download and read it, you can also learn by reading the chapters begin to get the picture below. This is a tutorial to learn how to open the casing back cover, insert the SIM card from the provider or carrier, attach an external microSD memory card and how to fill out, remove or assemble the battery. Tutorial on how to Turn on the power of the Nokia 700 is also available.

And here is the Nokia 700 User Guide is ready for download. enjoy