LG Optimus F3 LS720 Sprint User Manual

LG Optimus F3 Sprint

Overview :

Your mobile device is your link to friends, family, endless amusement, and a full of life social scene—and with Optimus F3, you’ll be able to get pleasure from life like ne’er before. With a sleek style, expansive screen, and a tremendous battery it’s excellent for seeing and being seen. Optimus F3 is fashionable, unique, and unstoppable—just such as you.


It’s all the limited details that matter, and with Optimus F3’s fourG LTE* speed and one.2 Gc dual-core processor, you’ve got the ability to set all up at identical time. And now, the lightening-fast network permits you to have it off all faster than ever. the liberty to speak, text, share photos and video, and surf the online throughout the day is in your hands.

Optimus F3’s lasting battery— with up to sixteen hours of speak time**—gives you the power to remain within the loop all day long. So, you’ll be able to get pleasure from those can’t miss YouTube™ videos, gotta-share photos, and up to-the-minute standing updates where and whenever. Keep moving with a smartphone which will continue with you.

Optimus F3’s 4.0″ IPS show brings your screen to life—no matter what you’re viewing. thus you’ll be able to experience last weekend’s out of doors excursion or stream your favorite shows in clear, accurate, true-to-life color. And with its super-strong Corning® Gorilla® Glass two, it’s robust enough to require anyplace.

Two minds area unit typically higher than one. VuTalk permits you to send written messages, photos, and drawings back and forth in real time. It’s the right thanks to share ideas, collaborate, and creatively communicate like ne’er before.

Add some temperament to your profile pic, share a smile together with your favorite cluster shot, or create an image say over cardinal words. QuickMemo™ permits you to write or draw on any screen shot or picture exploitation simply your finger. Or, if the image is captured from a web site, send on the uniform resource locator with it. Share your life with personality— in your own distinctive approach.

Multitasking comes naturally to you—and with Optimus F3, it’s easier than ever. Watch a video whereas you’re water sport the online, or register with friends whereas change your calendar. With QSlide two.0™ you’ll be able to read multiple screens at the same time, adjusting window size and transparency, thus you’ll be able to switch between apps in a very snap.

When you’re living within the quick lane, something that saves time is worthwhile. Optimus F3’s Home Button junction rectifier displays flashing lights in color specific patterns, quickly alerting you of incomprehensible  events, incoming calls, alarms, or texts from your friends. It’s a super-quick thanks to scan between the lines, before you even see what’s on your phone’s show.

The perfect meal. Your killer New Look. The surf video of the year. Capture and share those moments you would like would last forever. With Optimus F3’s five MP camera, you can. increased by options like Beauty Shot, Cheese Shutter, and Panorama Mode, take pics that area unit as unforgettable because the real stuff.

You are the star of your own life and it’s time to let everybody else understand, too. With 1080p video and Video ace, you’ll be able to capture and edit your own videos right from your Optimus F3. Add fun and inventive Live Effects and backgrounds, overlay music, and even center on live video. Shoot your masterpiece-and share it with the planet.

Talkback, may be a text-to-speech accessibility feature from Google that helps blind and vision-impaired users move with their devices additional simply. The TalkBack feature on the device are accessible within the LG Optimus F3 activation and setup method.

Android™ 4.1.2 jelly bean may be a sweet golem interface. full of juicy new options, it adds flavor to even the best tasks—and makes your user expertise additional satisfying than ever.

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