LG Envoy UN150 User Manual PDF US Cellular Quick Start & Datasheet Specifications

LG Envoy UN150 US Cellular-1

Envoy LG Mobile Phone is a special type of design for anyone who loves the flip form factor. This LG UN150 Envoy-name-it series using a clamshell design with a dedicated direction keys and also used the traditional alphanumeric keypad (also known as the D-Pad) combined with a 2.2-inch screen. In the U.S., Envoy UN150 is available through U.S. Cellular operators and uses CDMA technology for its data network.

Although the envoy looks rather large, it is still looking at me with the impression of the dual displays and round corner style. Yup, there are two views available in UN150 LG mobile phone, one we already mentioned above, a 2.2 “TFT display with 256K colors and 176 x 220 pixel resolution (open mode), and on the front (near the mode) , there is a greyscale screen with a diameter of 0.98 inches diagonally and has around 96 x 64 pixels resolution.


LG Envoy UN150 US Cellular-2

Tutorial picture above only shows you a tutorial how to open the back cover casing and how to remove and assemble the battery. This tutorial can be found in the UG or at QSG.

For PDF files, you can get four types of “Manual PDF”: User’s Guide in English, User Guide for Spanish, Quick Start Guide and also the Specification Data Sheet.