LG Enlighten User Manual PDF VS700 Verizon Wireless Quick Start & Specs Datasheet

LG Enlighten VS700 Verizon Wireless-1

If you wish to continue briefly about the LG Enlighten (by Carrier Verizon Wireless), there is a good description of the site and eDatasheet Official Page of the LG VS700 PDF (codenamed series phone, the download link of this specification datasheet can be found under Section Download PDF on Post this along with the User guide / User Manual and Getting Started / Quick Guide from this Smartphone). Here’s what it says in there:

I’m not tech-hungry or gadget-obsessed-I just have a lot to do, so I need a smartphone that not only can handle the trip, but it helps to speed things up. Text, email, social network updates, spreadsheets, online shopping, conference calls-it’s not a typical day, it is the usual hours! I never thought I would be able to find a device that could really match my energy level, but I’m happy to say that this phone has the brains and brawn to keep


However, in case you want to get detailed information about the specs and features of this phone, you can read or review that we will discuss this page. If not, you can read the Specs available at eDatasheet (if you’ve downloaded).

LG Enlighten VS700 Verizon Wireless-2

Here is a PDF file that you can download. All are available in the English version. To find in-depth details on using Enlighten and understand what this gadget can do, please consider to download these three PDF: User Guide, Quick Start Guide and Datasheet specifications. Enjoy!