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LG dLite GD570-1

First of all, we look for a while on the LG dLite GD5700 figure which we give below, and what is in your mind about the “design view”? In our opinion, the phone is also available in the body twocolor (Pink and Blue), designed for the purpose of Stylish Women. Form factor Clamshell (flip out) with a slim body design colorful is the reason behind it. Of course, using the interface with Numeric Keypad Colorful combine physical and 2.8 inches in diameter Screen 262K colors TFT at 240 x 400 pixel resolution, making this phone is perfect for young women who love to be modern and ancient.

Let’s discuss the other features of the LG dLite. Note dLite Rear of the body. You can see the camera mounted on the rear of the body and has the ability to create up to 2.0 Megapixel Images or we can say that the dLite has a 2.0 MP Camera. Although there is no flash of light that will help you to create an image in the “dark”, Cam GD5700 has a pretty good image editor and is also able to create up to 2x Digital Zoom, continuous shot, and also Video Recording.


Data Sheet Specification LG dLite Language: English US PDF Size: 0.344 MB Pages: 2

Before we continue this discussion, we ask you to download the datasheet specifications of the LG dLite which we gave in the link above. It consists of many Information about the GD570, including Tech Specs and Features. If you’ve downloaded the above PDF datasheet, you can ignore the reviews that we provide to you below.

For Multimedia, dLite also equipped with a music player that can play the following formats: MP3, AAC, AAC + and WMA as well, and of course also installed with video player that supports MP4 and 3GP formats. One clue that may help you on Music Player: You can play a music player and listen to music / audio using your headset (Bluetooth A2DP supported) when the application run another dLite (Internet browsing fro example). This is because dLite supports Multitasking.

Other features of the dLite that might interest you: Bluetooth Version 2.1, 90MB internal user memory, Alarm, Notepad, Unit converter, aGPS with TeleNav GPS Navigation (Spoken Voice turn by turn navigation), Google Maps and Where, supports 3G HSDPA, Available in U.S. carrier T-Mobile, USB support, Java MIDP 2.1, Email Client (Yahoo, AOL, GMail, etc.), facebook, twitter, Youtube, supports microSD (microSDHC) up to 16GB, and more.

Lack: No Wi-Fi.

LG dLite GD570-2