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LG Connect 4G MS840-1

LG Connect 4G, where it has been specifically designed for Carrier MetroPCS, is the Android Smartphone by LG that comes with a touchscreen tablet / touch bar form factor body design. If you do not like this kind of on-screen keyboard, but as a physical qwerty keyboard to type a message or email or to create documents, this phone may not be suitable for you. You can try the LG Optimus Slider for Slide Side bar Qwerty smartphone instead. LG Connect 4G does not mean the series the 4th generation, but a means to perform Data Networks with technology that uses Carrier MetroPCS 4G LTE along with CDMA technology (supports up to 3.1Mbps EVDO Rev.A)

According to the datasheet specifications of the LG Connect – the download link is available in the PDF Download, MS840 (LG connect series name) poweren version of Android 2.2 Gingerbread and has a fairly strong processor using a 1.2GHz dual core processor and has 1GB of RAM (about the same as SGS2 ). For memory storage, there is 4GB eMMC built in memory installed in LG Connect 4G MS840 with an additional 2GB external microSD card included (expandable up to 32GB).


Along with the Android OS, some preloaded Google apps are also installed in this device. Its including Google Talk, Google Latitude, Google places, Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Maps Navigation with spoken turn voice directions turn, YouTube and of course the Android Market for free and paid additional programs / applications and games.

And here is a tutorial that you can learn how to open and close the back cover of the case, learned include MetroPCS 4G SIM Card, insert the included 2GB microSD memory card as external storage, and also assembles, delete, and battery charging.

Btw, you can also refer to the help manual on page 18 to page 20 for further explanation and details about these instructions.

LG Connect 4G MS840-2