LG Ally VS740 User Manual PDF

LG Ally VS740-1 (1)

Would you like to Cell Phones are perfect for your wallet, but it had a fairly high end features such as Listening to music while you are doing other applications (multitasking)? LG Ally VS740 will be suitable for you. LG VS740 has a large 3.2-inch touchscreen allied with Qwerty Sliding Keyboard / Keypad (Pictured).

For Phone Camera, 3.2 Megapixel camera installed and Camcorder to enable you to take a second Pictures Pictures / Photos of static and moving Picture / Video Recording. However, if there is a wireless network (hot spot area) while you are surrounded with the LG Ally, you can connect to the world wide web using Wi-Fi technology.


LG Ally VS740-1 (2)

Using autofocus camera with LED Flash, Android Operating System, how to use Google Talk, GMail, Google Maps, Play Games, Media Player, User Manual are some specifications that you can read. We’ll give you 3 User Manual PDF File: Specs, brochure and datasheet. All are available in the English version.

User Manual PDF Specs Language: English PDF Size: 2.2 MB  Brochure DataSheet