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HTC U12 Plus Manual – HTC U12 + could be less-hyped Smartphone of the year. It comes at the end of a long waste of emblematic ads and without fanfare, the brightness or the glamour of many of its rivals.

But this is a smart phone that there is no play. As well as the U11 HTC and HTC U11 + 2017, the HTC U12 Plus is different and has some interesting features that distinguish it from its rivals.


Then, what happened with the U12 HTC? No, not you miss it. In fact, HTC is omitting its model completely non-plus in 2018, rather than to launch a single ship logo. He says that he does not want people to stay in the hope that a top HTC phone is released later in the year.

Therefore, the HTC U12 +. And no, definitely there will be an HTC U12 ++ (a U12.5 or a U12 Play or whatever it is). This is your batch of HTC to 2018.

That is, move on to what makes this new smart phone to work and the good news is that an important area in which HTC is left behind this year there is. The U11’s last year was a great phone, but its 16: 9 screen meant that it quickly became out of date.

HTC U12 +, on the other hand, is everything a modern smartphone should be. It has a screen that is tall and narrow 6 inch, 18: 9 quad-HD (1,440 x 2,880) that fills most of the body of the phone almost without bevels left and right of the screen. There is no notch, what will please the enemies and the phone also has two front cameras.

HTC U12 Plus Manual – These cameras 8 megapixel camera aperture f / 2 are used as rear OnePlus 6 cameras, to add fuzzy funds to the selfies with greater precision than would be possible with a single camera. It is a nice feature and one that other emblematic rivals from HTC have not even added to their phones.

It goes back to the phone and things become a little less interesting. The layout of the flash of rear camera and the fingerprint reader is a little unpleasant and uncomfortable in my opinion: they are distributed on the back of the phone and are a bit scrambled. The rear panel is glass, as nearly all major smart phones of current range.

However, HTC rescues things making sure that the phone has some quite modern and unusual colors. Color “Ceramic Black” HTC looks great, with a sheen silver in layers. ” In an echo of the impressive red last year, now there is Flame Red, which looks attractive between purple and gold (although rarely touches the Red) depending on how catch light

HTC U12 Plus Manual – And there’s also a translucent version in blue with a part of the back panel that reveals the circuit boards, ribbon cable and surface mount components which are usually hidden under the surface. This model and Black ceramic will be available at launch; Unfortunately, the Red flame version will come later. Also it is worth noting that the HTC U12 Plus does not take fingerprints as badly as the original U11 last year, and when it does, it is much easier to clean.

Finally, there is a resistance to dust and water IP68, leveling it with most of its modern rivals. The famous speakers ‘BoomSound’ of HTC are improved here, which means that you can use your phone as a mini radio station in a hurry, and the company has increased the maximum speeds of 4 G with support for downloads of up to 1.2 Gbits / sec. 6 ‘ maximum speed of 1Gbits / sec. However, there is still not a 3.5 headphone jack mm, which is a disappointment.

Perhaps the most controversial element in the design of the HTC U12 + is your new sensitive volume pressure and power, an extension of the “apretado frame button” of the U11. ”

HTC U12 Plus Manual – I can see why HTC might have thought that this was a good idea. In theory, it means that for HTC, it is easier to seal the phone against the elements and, as there are no moving parts that break or break, the phone should also be more reliable. But I can not forget the strange feeling keys and how much pressure is required to activate.

Edge Sense (that’s what HTC calls its feature of squeezy) has also received a boost in this generation. Nicknamed Edge Sense 2, now supports an additional gesture: the double-tap, which can be run with a firm thumb on any edges touch.

HTC U12 Plus Manual – This works. By default, it is configured to start the one hand of the phone mode, but you can also configure it to do other things, like take a screenshot. However, the area that is enabled for double-touches is a little too low and requires too much contortion of thumb for my taste.

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