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HTC U Ultra Manual

HTC U Ultra Manual – The new smartphone HTC U Ultra oozes style, and for the most part is a flagship very fast and very well built. Having said that, the company took some perplexing decisions here. This is a phone with a big screen, but HTC furnished it with a relatively small 3,000 mAh battery. The secondary display on the main screen is not useful. The 12 megapixel camera can be quite good at times, but is easily surpassed by rival devices. The important thing is cost: we are asked that we pay $750 for a device which, in many ways, does not feel completely thought. It is clear that HTC paid close attention to the fit and finish of the Ultra U; We only hope that the rest of the phone is subject to the same level of control.

Normally, I hate to put phones in cases: engineers and designers are not skimp on these things just so you can hide them behind cheap plastic. But with the Ultra U, did not feel that he had a choice. After years of making smartphones with metal body, HTC wrapped the Ultra in glass, included the Gorilla Glass 5 on the screen of 5.7 inches and a curved panel of “superficie líquida” colorful at the back. ” (There is another version of the Ultra U with a sapphire glass that covers the screen, but will cost you close to $1,000, no, thank you.)


HTC U Ultra Manual – I don’t have enough adjectives to look beautiful is our Blue review unit’s finish. Wonderful? Amazing? Ecstatic? (The latter was a bit too much, but the idea occurs to you). As impressive as these two sides of glass gently curve each other, and finally meet with slim metallic edge surrounding the phone without rough or prominent seams. The only thing that breaks the elegant lines of the Ultra U is a square hump where he lives 12-megapixel rear camera. Despite all the financial problems that HTC has had lately, still knows how to construct an impeccably beautiful machine. It is a pity that the Ultra U is not resistant to water or dust: an expensive phone should be a little more durable.

The drawback, of course, is that the glass breaks. It is good, then, that a thin and transparent plastic box is included in the box. HTC says that the phone can handle falls from a maximum of 3.2 feet without problems, but anything higher could ruin that beautiful construction.

HTC U Ultra Manual – The other drawback is evident when you rotate the phone. See, there is a volume control on the right side with the button below, the tray of the SIM in the upper part, the port USB c-type at the bottom and… curse: there is no headphone jack. The repudiation of HTC to that classic port actually began with the Bolt / Evo 10 of last year, but the loss is no less important now that we have a flagship of 2017. Since HTC already launched a case, you would think that a free adapter 3.5 mm to type C would be in order, but, won’t have to use the included headphones USonic or look for another pair of types C cans

The inconvenience do not end there. Hopefully the sensor of capacitive keys and fingerprints back and recent applications were centered on the extent of black under the screen of the phone. That may sound as if it is annoying, but, as you’ll see later, the attention to detail of HTC fluctuates quite frequently on this phone.

HTC U Ultra Manual – While this design is new to HTC, the things inside should be very familiar. We are working with a 821 Snapdragon chipset for quad-core with 4 GB of RAM, a 530 Adreno GPU, 64 GB of internal storage and a microSD that supports cards up to 256 GB. Although their hopes of a Snapdragon 835 incredibly fast chip might be frustrated, this combo specifications very used still is quite powerful. More worrying is the battery of 3,000 mAh hidden inside. That is much, much smaller than I expected for a big phone. Even the new LG G6, that looks pretty small next to the Ultra U, has a larger cell.

HTC U Ultra Manual – The Ultra U face is dominated by that panel Super LCD5 of 5.7 inches, and is easily one of the strongest phone assets. Of course, there are brighter screens out there (LG G6 and the S7 Galaxy of last year come to mind), but the Ultra U panel offers excellent angles of vision and decent colors. Fortunately, you can deal with that last bit with a quick trip to the configuration of the device, where you will find an option to change the color temperature of the screen as needed. Most people never bother to do this, but I found it crucial because the Ultra U screen is a bit too cold for my taste.

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