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Just weeks after we put the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini through its paces, we’re staring at the HTC One mini, another arrange to shrink a flagship down into a smaller (and cheaper) package. As you’d expect, the 4.3-inch mini appearance very similar to the full-sized version, and that goes for both the hardware and software. additionally to its similar-looking aluminum-and-plastic frame you’ll find both a 4-megapixel Ultrapixel camera detector and HTC’s Sense 5 UI, that means automatic video highlights, Zoe and BlinkFeed all create an appearance here likewise. There are, however, a few hardware drawbacks compared to the first, with the IR working man, optical image stabilization on the camera and NFC stripped out for space- and cost-saving reasons. will HTC launch a mid-range phone that won’t wander off between equally priced offerings and last year’s discounted flagships? We’ll try and reason that out after the break.

The physical similarities to the HTC One area unit obviously obvious — and it’s a huge part of the mini’s charm. HTC is not at all the only phone maker trying to inject some flagship charm into its cheaper handsets. Borrowing abundant of the look language initial seen in the One, the mini is usually wrapped in Al. The front panels are actually slightly rougher than the surface of the first model, although the backing has the same sleek end. However, it doesn’t sport the matte seam of plastic we saw on the first One; instead. it has a shiny white all-plastic frame, harking back to last year’s unibody One X.



The body still follows the same palm-friendly curve, although both the camera unit and flash area unit center-aligned on the back this point around. There are also 2 white plastic lines ending the all-aluminum cover, guaranteeing the unit’s antennae work and additionally making the illusion that you just may well be handling the pricier flagship model. the amount rocker on the proper edge is now comprised of 2 keys, but they are still fortunately product of metal — no nasty metal-finish paint here. That plastic border is visible on the front, so unfortunately you will not get the same chamfered Al edge as the One. that’s a shame, as that chamfering was one in every of the look thrives we worshipped most on the first.

HTC’s BoomSound speakers lie to a lower place micro-drilled holes both higher than and below the screen, transportation lots of oomph, as publicised. Prolonged listening through the smartphone will not grate on the ears, although the sound quality isn’t quite as bass-rich as the One. HTC additionally snuck in a single diode notification light into the top speaker — one in every of the more refined ways in which we’ve seen light-up reminders integrated into smartphone style. The not-quite-standard mechanical man button layout remains, with a HTC emblem separating back and home keys. As it’s running mechanical man four.2.2, however, HTC now offers you the option to modify a number of the menu button functionality to the house key, launching Google now with a swipe and accessing the choices menu among apps.


But the mini has one thing on its huge brother: it’s arguably a more robust size. we could grasp the device, slip it into pockets, bag side pouches and use it one-handed without any issue. Reaching with a thumb on larger screens (and reducing your hold on the device in the process) will increase the chances that those many greenbacks you just sank into a brand new smartphone will end up a broken chalk outline on the concrete. We’re enjoying this apparent come back of more sensibly sized handsets, although it’s one thing you’ll not appreciate until you switch from a bigger to a smaller phone for a sustained amount.

Now that screen: the four.3-inch show beams out mechanical man at a resolution of 720p. That means, then, that there area unit fewer pixels than the One, but it’s still leagues ahead of its qHD rivals. We’re over happy to drop to this resolution from 1080p, particularly once it has been among a discount in screen size. In fact, it seems to be just like the show found on HTC’s Facebook experiment, the First. Same resolution, same size and, well, same conclusions. HTC uses SuperLCD2 school, which gives pretty correct color reproduction and it is easy to share photos and videos with sturdy image quality at off-angles. Our solely complaint is that we wish it were a trifle less reflective and a trifle more readable in daylight.

Underneath the screen, there’s a dual-core, 1.4GHz flower 400 processor (another part that created an appearance in the HTC First), together with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of intrinsical storage. given that the One mini is completely sealed, there isn’t any chance to expand storage through a microSD card, but it’s a pretty respectable chunk of storage for a phone below the flagship level.

There area unit some features that did not create it to the One mini, however, and our biggest regret is the loss of the IR working man. Yep, i’m one in every of those people who’s begun to ignore my AA-powered TV controllers and navigate through channels and television menus almost solely on an IR-capable mechanical man device — whether it’s a Galaxy S four, HTC One or Xperia tablet Z. I inadvertently tried to launch the remote app several times while functioning on this review and while it is not a hardware feature everyone was progressing to use, I already miss it. Remote functionality would also have created a great talking point once growing against rival devices. NFC did not create the cut either. If that (and maybe the IR blaster) were the only omissions, we’d be okay with the minor price difference. However, there is additionally the reduced screen resolution, the lesser processor, reduced storage and RAM, and therefore the lack of optical image stabilization, that is supposed to figure in bike with HTC’s Ultrapixel camera to improve shots. that’s quite the list of cuts.


Smaller phone, smaller screen and affirmative, smaller battery. At 1,800mAh, we questioned wherever that will place the device once it came to lasting out the day. In our video iteration check, with brightness at fifty % and social networks polling at 15-minute intervals, we got simply over six hours. it’s a bit unsatisfying, frankly. while it’s a unit of time but the full-sized HTC One managed, we were hoping that a visit resolution and screen size would translate to battery savings. Even during more casual use, we’d ought to plug it in after around ten hours’ use. Be prepared to own a charger close at hand.


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