HTC Desire Z User Manual PDF Guide QSG Quick Start Guide


We will provide the User Guide / User Manual and Specifications Features Details of any SmartPhone by HTC that uses the latest version of the Android mobile Operating System (October 2010), the HTC Desire Z. Yup, Desire Z uses the Android 2.2 aka Froyo Android as their OS. As you can see in the picture, HTC Desire Z using a sliding form factor combined with a Touch Tablet (Tap Bar) used both Body and Full Qwerty Keyboard Slide out the body and Touchscreen User Interface (3.7 “inch screen.) This is a slide out form factor Android Froyo and are some of the features that make the difference between the HTC Desire and the HTC Desire Z.

User Guide Multi Language Resources [multi language available. Czech, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Slovak Greek, Italian, Romanian, Russioan, Sweden, Turkey, Finland, Norway, Poland, Hungary]


User’s Manual of the HTC Desire Z will help you find your way right to assemble phone with a battery, the understanding and the phone (pictures) and more. For another example you can use Google Maps to help how to operate it, learn to make connections with WiFi or VPN or use the phone as a wireless router, How to use keyboard (QWERTY), Connect bluetooth headset or car kit, learn how to pair a bluetooth device or unpairing , created a Photo Gallery, Play Music, Add effects to images, using cameras to record video, and more.