BlackBerry Tour 9630 User Manual PDF

BlackBerry Tour 9630

It’s been so long we did not write about Smartphone Specifications Manual or Blackberry. Perhaps the latest product that has a relationship with a BlackBerry smartphone that we recently shared with you is the BlackBerry Playbook. Personally, we’re not fans of RIM’s products, we prefer an Android phone from Blackberry. Despite this position, it did not stop me in writing about the BlackBerry Smartphone. Today, we would like to share another series of BB that we do not currently write: BlackBerry Tour 9630.


Just like most of the Blackberry Smartphone, BB Tour 9630 also comes with a candy bar form factor monoblock with four row Qwerty keyboard and use the trackball for navigation. For details of this design, you can point your eyes to the pictures we uploaded above. Other details about the specifications of screen used by this tour is: has 2.4-inch 65K color in Diameter, Selectable font size, Light Sensitive and has 480 x 360 pixels (VGA Half +) for resolution detail. Officially, the phone can be considered as high-end phones as it has been released for the first time to the public in July 2009 (two years ago), but due to the growth and improvement of technology in today’s (June 2011), we can categorize these phones only in the “middle-end mobile phones”)

BlackBerry Tour 9630 User Manual Quick Start Guide Here Learn More Download PDF
One of the pictures below to be shown is how you can get your phone for the first time and assemble piece by piece until it can be used or can turn it on and ready for use. Form how you can remove the casing cover (open), Installing the battery installed properly and also how you can do the SIM card to insert in its place. All of this and also some extra tutorials for proper charging or charging devices assemble can be found in the “Start Here” guide on page 2.
Manual download and store them all in your PC is the best choice how you can read and learn or use it as a reference in the future regarding your 9630 Tour. The best of downloading the PDF file is of course to use Download Manager you. Remember you need to have a PDF reader to be able to see and read. Enjoy.