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While the Z10 are often seen as BlackBerry’s bid to draw in new, hip users, the BlackBerry Q10 ought to supposedly charm to old-school shot lovers United Nations agency ar ready to dump their Bolds and Curves for something better. rather than an oversized, all-touch experience, the Q10′s screen is tiny and 1/2 the phone is dominated by a keyboard. It runs the Canadian school company’s latest and greatest OS: BlackBerry ten.1. The question is whether or not the interface that runs therefore well on a larger, touch-only device will also work on a 0.5 show, 0.5 keyboard phone? the answer depends on whether you’re willing to dive deep into the Q10′s several layers of functionality and keyboard secrets.

Set on a shelf next to the latest crop of voluminous golem phones the BlackBerry Q10 comes off as Liliputian in comparison. The perception is somewhat dishonest  though the compact size serves the Q10′s purpose; it’s engineered for efficiency. You won’t got to stretch and strain your thumb to reach anything. Most are going to be able to reach across the 3.1-inch screen while holding the Q10, all with one hand. while writing, it doesn’t take much stretch to faucet and swipe the lower 1/2 the show to activate gestures. this kind of thoughtful design is what BlackBerry used to be legendary for; it’s something sometimes solely seen in merchandise created by manufacturers with management over both hardware and software.


The Q10 feels comfy to carry. the look is a lot of streamlined than previous keyboard bearing handsets, eliminating parts just like the trackpad and navigation buttons. It’s all regarding the show and therefore the keyboard now; the facility shut up top and volume toggle/mute on the right ar the only alternative controls. The Q10′s design could be a refined version of a well-recognized BlackBerry experience.

The 720 x 720 pel, 3.1-inch square screen doesn’t feel too small at first glance, especially since the narrow bezel permits the screen to command maximum attention when it’s on. It’s additionally pel dense, a key consider readability. BlackBerry ten defaults to a text size of eight and tiny fonts got to be crisp to be fair. that is not a drag here. The Super AMOLED touchscreen isn’t as bright as we’d like, nonetheless is nice enough for daylight visibility. colours pop and blacks ar deep, as we’d expect with AMOLED. Viewing angles ar usually good, though nonconcentric a inexperienced tinge creeps in that’s extremely noticeable on light backgrounds.

As much as we tend to just like the overall size of the Q10 and therefore the type issue, the show isn’t massive enough to handle BlackBerry ten effectively. Physical size is not the whole problem: the software package itself needs tweaking to work better on it or homeowners will need to do the work of adjusting to the quirks (covered in-depth below). What saves this from being a dealbreaker is that the glorious keyboard.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that people either love or hate physical keyboards. Those few folks on the fence can be swayed by the Q10 because it boasts one amongst the better examples around. The keys sit in straight rows, not the curved/smile arrangement familiar from previous handsets, and ar physically bigger. If you’re used to a BlackBerry keyboard the Q10 won’t trip you up one bit. Newcomers shouldn’t take too long to urge into the groove, either, unless they need fingernails.

The keys ar designed and formed in a manner that privileges pressing with the tip of a finger (not the pad) sans nails. Most men will not realize this to be a drag, most ladies will in all probability realize writing difficult at first. thanks to matte coating and therefore the said shaping, nails won’t go slippery  off keys and it’s potential to be correct. It’s just harder to urge leverage to press the keys with a nail than with a tip, especially on the sides.

BlackBerry 10′s predictive text engine isn’t absent from the Q10 even supposing it’s less necessary when a physical keyboard is involved. Word predictions appear on the lower part of the show as you sort and you’ve got to reach up to decide on unless the text turns inexperienced to point autocorrect. Having to reach up with the thumb doesn’t feel natural and slows writing in most cases. Speedy BlackBerry veterans are going to be more contented disabling this feature. You’ll still get the autocorrected words either manner.

Speed and efficiency ar additional helped by keyboard shortcuts for writing – ex: hold for capital and double faucet house for period – and for navigating the interface. below the menu settings of most apps you’ll see hints for keyboard shortcuts, however those solely scratch the surface. There ar over 100 very little keyboard tricks built in that ar worth learning to increase efficiency. BlackBerry ten could be created for touchscreens however the Q10 works best if you use hybrid input.

Learning the keyboard shortcuts will mitigate a number of the problems with the Q10′s small screen while others ar harder to modify thanks to the manner BlackBerry ten works. (Read our full BB10 review for associate degree in-depth breakdown of the OS.) The core of BB10 is gesture-based interaction that typically involves swiping up from the bottom, from the left, or down from the top. thanks to the scale of the show, the gesture-sensing zones take up important house. we tend to found that tapping associate degree icon at the very top or very bottom of the screen didn’t continuously register as a result of the Q10 didn’t appear positive if we tend to were tapping or starting a swipe. when scrolling up in the Hub, Browser, or a social media app, we regularly accidentally activated the swipe up to shut app gesture. As you get used to the screen size, the incidence of that occuring may go down.

We don’t like that navigation parts take up a significant portion of the screen in some apps and don’t hide themselves quickly or predictably enough. We’re additionally not fans of the browser experience. On non-mobile webpages text in the reading column stayed teensy small even when we zoomed in. you’ve got to switch to the Reading mode or try and get the mobile version of the page to read without asthenopia.

The best facet of BlackBerry ten is that the Hub, a real universal inbox that collates messages from email, BBM, social networks, chat, incoming calls, texts and a lot of. The Q10 was created to take advantage of all the great things regarding the Hub. Even when a number of the problems mentioned above perforate, the experience there is great.

The story on apps hasn’t modified much since the BB10 launch. BlackBerry World suffers from constant drawback as any burgeoning app store: a lot of fluff and filler. That wouldn’t be therefore bad if a lot of top-tier apps were here, like TripIt, Yelp, and Netflix. Too several apps ar pale knock-offs of higher golem and iOS ones or don’t appear right for the platform. The apps that come pre-loaded on the device at least provide a solid foundation.

Though very totally different on the skin, the Q10 and Z10 ar regarding constant within. The Q10 runs on a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm snapdragon processor backed by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. the back pops off to reveal SIM and microSD slots; the latter takes cards up to 32GB. Wireless property radios include dual-band a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth four.0, GPS, and NFC. Wired property includes a microUSB port for charging and connecting to a computer and a microHDMI port for HD video output.

Just as with the Z10, the Q10 is powerful enough to run BlackBerry ten smoothly with no lag or performance hiccups. If anything, the Q10 feels faster, potentially as a result of the smaller screen requires less oomph or the update to version ten.1 sped things up all around.
Our review unit is that the AT&T model running on it carrier’s 4G LTE and HSPA networks. (The Q10 is additionally offered from T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint.) while surfboarding the net, causation messages, and downloading apps, the network didn’t feel slow or sluggish and recorded average speeds of 19Mbps down and 5Mbps up. during calls, voices came through the headphone and speaker clearly and we solely encountered somewhat of static in a low bar area. Our voice came through loud and clear on the opposite end in addition in quiet and semi-noisy things.

The speaker that sits on the bottom edge of the Q10 is well-placed; you’re unlikely to muffle together with your hands. Overall audio quality is tight for a smartphone and loud enough to be heard over some background signal.

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Thanks to the tiny screen and enormous 2100mAh battery the BlackBerry Q10 simply lasted over 14 hours of heavy usage, largely focused around electronic messaging and social network checking. Even with the screen on 100 percent brightness all day the battery outlasted US, showing 15 p.c left when we visited bed.

Continuing the reminder, the 8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front camera on the Q10 ar constant as the Z10. the photographs it produces aren’t as good as the ones we tend to coaxed from the Z10. There’s a lot of noise in mixed light shots and small crispness or detail in out of doors pictures. We’re glad that the BlackBerry ten.1 update brought HDR to the feature set since there aren’t several at hand. It balances shadow and bright light better than automotive vehicle however requires a awfully steady hand. There’s no shutter icon in the camera app; to snap a picture you’ve got to faucet the show or press the key. both of these options ar awkward – the spacebar less therefore – and we had a tough time obtaining blur-free shots thanks to that.

Around front, the 2-megapixel camera continues to be above average for smartphones and captures ok images that the person on the opposite end of BBM video chats won’t see an odd, too pixilated version of you. just keep in good lighting; neither camera will well in low light.


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