BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet User Manual PDF 4G LTE WiMax


Finally, the new Tablet from BlackBerry released to the public: The BlackBerry PlayBook. This was enough time before the gadget was launched two days ago. But before we start talking about the design looks, features and specifications of this tablet BB, let us tell you that, unlike other BlackBerry gadgets (SmartPhone), Manual PlayBook is only available in the PDF version of the User Guide, this means that we couldn ‘t find Start Here manual which usually contains some brief relief before we get to use and familiarize about the device, such as The Gadget Key. Just Safety and Product Information is available along with the User Guide BlackBerry PlayBook.

This first generation PlayBook has a major criticism in the Email Service. You will have the only option to get email and some other features if you already have a BlackBerry Smartphone. You will never get an email or SMS or other task if you split with Smartphone BB Playbook. You will only get the message service by working with BB BlackBerry smarphone using Application Bridge. These are the main releases that seem to be a “shortage” on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Apparently this BB Tablet released in several versions: BlackBerry PlayBook (Wi-Fi only), BlackBerry 4G PlayBook HSPA + and LTE, and the last version is the BlackBerry PlayBook WiMax.


BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Manual User Guide PDF Download

It seems that from the missing manual Here we have discussed above are included in the “Getting Started” in Chapter BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet User Guide PDF. So no need to download and own or read Start Here (Quick Start Guide / Getting Started Guide).

It seems that the User Guide PDF url address is slightly miss-name / error. It has been written as the BlackBerry Torch 9800 SmartPhone User Guide, although it is discussed about the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet. Update: The missing link url address names are fixed!