BlackBerry Bold 9780 User Manual PDF


Yesterday, we were finally able to write any of the Blackberry smartphone series that we were not written for so long, the BlackBerry Tour 9630, today there are still some other BlackBerry series that we are still yet to be written, for example, the Bold series that we want to discuss in this Post: The BlackBerry Bold 9780 (each specifications and guidelines of course). Bold 9780 has the same design and form factor like the Series BB Tour and Curve Series BB, it currently uses candy bar form factor with a full 4 row QWERTY Physical Keyboard (Qwerty Bar).

Actually, there are several series of BlackBerry Bold 9780 in addition to this, such as the Blackberry Bold 9700, 9650 (using the same optical trackpad just like 9780), BlackBerry Bold 900 (Trackball), and the latest version of the Blackberry Bold 9900, 9930 series. We will not discuss all of them here, but we have plans to write all of them in a separate article to the User Manual or User’s Guide and Specs and will also compare them with each other to get Spec distinctions or differences between each other.


BlackBerry Bold 9780 manual User Guide Start Here Download PDF

We provide tree 3 User Guide and Guide Start Here his English version of the problem: The English, Spanish and French as well. Just choose the one that suits your native language and read it as a guide and reference on how to use the BlackBerry Bold 9780.


The picture above shows you how to assemble the parts and the body of the BB Bold before you want to test for the first time. From the open cover / rear chassis, installing the SIM card, insert a microSD memory card, battery assembly and also shut down or get back cover. It can be found on the “Start Here” PDF guide on page 2. Enjoy!